Online Reputation Management


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Reputation Management, whether it’s “Online” or the case of your “Brand” has become an essential part due to the increasing online business competition. The exposure of your social brand image is the reason behind. Your social image is equally open to your own programs as it is open to malicious attacks, competitors’ attacks, and negative comments.

If this is the case with you, then the online reputation will surely be your cup of coffee. It helps the companies or individuals to eliminate or reduce the damage of your online reputation, caused by negative postings for the brand or individuals over the Internet that rank highly on searches for their company, brands or individuals. There are two ways to remove the offending pages:

  • By taking legal action
  • Using SEO and SEM

At PitchMeHigh, we are dedicated to making people and businesses look their best on the Internet.

How it can be helpful for my business?

With the hectic daily schedule, individuals don’t have time to inquire about the brand or persons physically and they completely depend on online reviews. And studies have shown that 75% of customers trust peer recommendations, and only a few of them trust advertisements, which means the future of your business completely depends upon the online reviews about your company. Seek experts’ help to manage it properly and monitor the comments and reviews being made about your brand name.

What you’ll get with ORM campaign:
  • Get notifications on the negative reviews made online
  • Bring out a strategic action plan to reduce or eliminate the negative effect
  • Evaluate your online reputation overview by tracking reports
  • Get better search results
  • Reduce or eliminate the visible negative reviews
  • Minimize the negative Press Release about your brand
  • Increased positive reviews about your brand